SaferMobile - Mobile Security Resources

Safer Mobile was a project of, publishing tactical and software resources to help activists use mobile technology more securely. As part of this project, I wrote training guides on Facebook, Twitter and SMS security, encryption and circumvention tools for mobile browsing, and mobile app security. I was also a primary author on the Safer Mobile mobile security training guide. My other writing for MobileActive included guides on how to set up an SMS system, mobile tools for data collection, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system selection.

Unfortunately, in late 2012 both the Safer Mobile and sites were taken offline, along with all the material posted there. Some of the team for the Safer Mobile materials has collected drafts of the articles and training guides in a Git repository here. More information, including the license for the materials, is hereI'll also be posting a few unpublished articles on this site when I get a chance to update them - as mentioned in the link, mobile security threats change fast, and this material was written in 2011-2012.