Deleting media files on Gondor

10 years, 10 months ago


The critical media project is hosted on Gondor. It's generally been pretty smooth, but the documentation is a bit ad-hoc in places. I think they've been feeling out the PaaS thing at the same time as I have.

I needed to delete a file from the writeable storage. Gondor's options for interacting with storage are rsync, scp or ls over ssh, but you can't access it via ssh directly. The solution I used involved creating a dummy empty directory locally, then syncing it with the writeable storage dir with only the target file included. Thanks, stackoverflow.

First, upload your ssh key to Gondor. The, using your instance ID - found in the url of the instance detail page - do:

ssh <instance_id> ls <parent_dir>

mkdir mock

rsync -rv --delete --include="<filename>" '--exclude=*' mock/ <[email protected]:<parent_dir>

ssh <instance_id> ls <parent_dir>


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